Life happens on mobile

Hands up, we’re all living our lives on mobile. It’s never more than 3 feet from us and we glance at it at least 150 times a day, that’s roughly every 5 minutes. We liberate our work lives, organize our home lives and strengthen our social lives through our mobile phones. Two thirds of the human race use SMS, it’s the most widely used data application on the planet. Mobile is the most potent form of media in the history of mankind, yet it’s virtually untapped…until now.

Synapta is a marketeer’s dream. It’s a way of building lasting relationships with your customers by mobile phone.

Synapta is a unified platform that brings together every strand of mobile relationship marketing, customer experience and customer relationship management. We call this ‘Individualized Relationship Management’. You might call it communication glue. All that matters is, it works.

Synapta injects your brand into the mobile space.

It lets you use 2 way SMS, mobile web, apps and social media to create engagement, build loyalty, gain insight, gather data and socially interact to deliver a deeper, more valuable relationship with your customers.

People want relevant stuff in their busy/bored day to make everyday life easier and they want it in a way that suits them – on their mobile. Think of Synapta as a toolkit to help you engage your customers in an ongoing dialogue, by thinking of the long-term value of the relationship. When you get this right, it takes communications beyond advertising and marketing and turns customers into fans because it uses the most personal, direct, honest and intimate channel – mobile.

Synapta is ultra agile (it has to be to keep pace with the world of mobile). It also uses modular functionality. This means you can use as much or as little of the platform as you want to create your marketing campaigns and weave in extra functions at any time to extend your campaign and develop a genuine rapport with your audience.

Try Synapta as a tactical, stand-alone platform or slot it seamlessly into your strategic CRM platform and the APIs will do the heavy lifting.

Synapta breathes life into your data. If you want mobile and social campaigns that engage, entertain and retain your customers, Synapta builds that bond like no other.


FMCG Brand Loyalty & Engagement

The challenge was to use mobile to build an emotional relationship with mothers to drive brand affinity and retention for a leading diaper brand in a region with high mobile ownership and low internet uptake.

Using Synapta the client was able to deliver a mobile based loyalty program driven by on pack promotion and points collection accompanied by baby’s health and development tips. The loyalty program supported payday bonus points promotions, personalised babies birthday communications and in store redemption and closed loop processing of reward vouchers.

The results were amazing… Circa 200,000 customers became members of the program over a 12 month period with the majority of new members within the first 2 months.  Engagement with the program continued for over 90% of members for the full 12 month campaign period.  Product sales increased by almost 10% and consumption was shown to be greater within members than non-members.

This highly successful campaign positioned the client’s brand as a custodian of health for babies, increased share in a saturated market and proved a long term engaging campaign for customers.

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