Back to the Future

Posted by Sally Burley on Mar 3, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Much of the angst that accompanies mobile ownership comes from the fear of its absence, from being uncontactable in an emergency. Yet many now yearn for a break from the ‘always-on’ society.

Checking emails in bed, reading Facebook on the loo and updating Instagram as we eat …

it seems we are never able to disconnect from the ‘always-on’ digital world, it demands and devours our attention. As we become more aware of what is required for mental wellbeing it is clear that too much connectivity is just plain bad for us, so could the revival of the iconic Nokia 3310 by HMD Global be just what’s needed to achieve a more enlightened downtime?  Whether it serves as weekend technological respite, a ‘throw away’ festival phone with a battery life that won’t let you down or a simple handset that granny can handle, it seems there is a clear market for this modern classic feature phone that allows us to be contactable yet disconnected.

For us though, the excitement takes us right back to our roots: SMS.  It’s often an inconvenient truth that even millennials are still at their happiest writing or reading a text message.  It is a universal communication medium that refuses to be crushed by OTT messaging or smartphone wizardry, a dependable backstop. SMS is still the lowest common denominator when it comes to mobile comms: fast, reliable, 100% reach and always read.  It may well be time to step up your game to provide the best, most convenient and engaging mobile programmes you can using the most simple, yet powerful of mediums: the humble text message.

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