Create the Things You Wish Existed...

We've been pretty busy since we cut our first code in 2003

The Founders
Philip Martin
Sally Burley
Ed Latimer-Sayer
On a Mission

When we left our day jobs way back in 2003 we had a vision to make market research easier, faster and a lot less painful for the people taking part, so Always on Mobile was born.

We brought the first commercially available SMS research platform to market and launched officially at Research 2004 to a standing room only audience ready to do something new.

Today Synapta is used by businesses around the world and across sectors to engage their customers using mobile.

Powering the Pioneers

One of the first corporate businesses to recognise the opportunity SMS research offered was Vodafone UK and in 2005 they started talking to their customers using the Synapta platform and they still use it today... everyday.

Gaining Reach

The platform quickly extended beyond research and now we have a best of breed mobile engagement solution that supports businesses around the globe and across sectors including FMCG, banking, transportation, parcel delivery, mobile operators, car manufacturers, media agencies, social media and many more.

Creativity Never Stops

Our platform is incredibly flexible, but so is our development team, based here in the UK. Bespoke requirements and new features are always being added to support specific customer requirements and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Synapta allows you to utilise a full range of mobile technologies from those simple 160 character messages to integrating with an App over API, delivering Push Notifications or building Cloud App solutions.

Be the Best You Can Be

Our customers tell us Synapta is the best mobile engagement platform on the market and our team is second to none.

Our team is your team, we work closely with you to make your visions a reality. Incredible customer service with a quality solution, always on time and always in budget is our mantra, and we have never failed.

Leave Only Footprints

We care passionately about the environment and our staff.

Tele-working gives us a massive reduction on our carbon footprint, reduces sick days and improves family life in general.

We use highly efficient, low energy server hardware and choose our data centres and suppliers responsibly. Even our company cars are electric.

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