Freedom to Chat... Everywhere

Reduce costs and increase productivity by allowing customers to talk with you using mobile live chat for a personal, private and convenient way to connect.

100% reach, fast, reliable always on option for customers to talk to you when they need to.
In App
Connect and chat instantly with in-app conversations for support and better engagement.
Live chat in your web page has a proven track record for supporting customers and improving sales.
Never on Hold. Talk in the Moment.

Why are your customers still sitting on hold to call centres when we need to talk to someone? Time to mobilise your customer support and provide always on, instant access so that your customers can talk to you in the moment, quickly, efficiently and effectively. Create a richer conversation, better support and happier customers.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

With Synapta Live Chat agents and customers can easily and securely share images and videos. They get uploaded from customers using a secure, encrypted connection, so whether you needed a customer to get a copy of their I.D. to a customer loans advisor for an application, or a patient to show the doctor exactly what a rash looks like it can be done quickly and safely.

Multi Channel Conversations

A text message is the easiest and often most convenient way to allow customers to manage a live chat with you, but not the only way with Synapta. You can also include a snippet of code in your mobile apps to include a chat page in your app or add it to your web page.

We even help your customer to take the conversation with them by switching between these access modes as they need to so they don’t have to sit online and can switch to SMS to carry on the conversation seamlessly if they have to.

Synapta Live Chat lets you configure 'agentless' interactions to prescreen the conversation before getting the right type of support agent on the case. It’s a great way to gather important information or direct a query to get customers to the right help as fast as possible.
Start a Conversation
Synapta Live Chat lets you initiate conversations with customers as well as them contacting you. Reach out to customers first when you need to, knowing that Synapta will manage the load.
Check on Performance
With integrated, automatic monitoring for customer satisfaction, you can see how well you are doing and ensure that the customer conversation is working positively. Net Promoter Scores and customisable surveys can track and report agent performance in real-time.
Operating Windows
Manage helpful auto replies that give customers the right help if they are trying to contact you outside of your call centre hours as well as ones for busier times and when conversations end after an automatic time out.
View History
A conversation using mobile messaging naturally documents the interaction, making it easy for a customer to review the advice they have been given and continue the conversation as and when they need. Support agents can also see conversation history, helping them to help the customer.
See live dashboards to monitor agent performance and monitor load to ensure that wait times are minimised for the best possible customer experience.
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