Multi Channel, Mobile Research Tools

Be more insightful and connect with customers to instantly find out what they think, then track your performance with industry metrics like net promoter score and our intelligent analysis tools.

Get instant feedback from your customers in a personal and effective way that’s convenient for everyone!
Mobile Web & in App
If you need something more visual, you can still reach customers via mobile for better response rates than traditional web surveys
Email & Web
If you need to move outside of the mobile space for your research needs you can use traditional web based surveys with email invites in Synapta as well
Do You Delight Your Customers?

Be more insightful and connect with customers to instantly find out what they think. Track your performance with industry metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and use intelligent analysis tools to automatically learn more in real-time.

Increase Response Rates

Personalising and reminding customers about the experience you want to get feedback on is a great way to increase your response rates.

Instant, Real-time, Actionable Insight

Real-time reporting comes as standard with Synapta, as well as a suite of tools that help you to dig deeper to really understand what your customers are telling you about their experiences.

Inject some personalisation and relevance into your invitation messages to increase uptake. You can use any personal data you hold to target your sample as well as add this to the content of your survey messages.
Gather Information
Survey data doesn't just have to live in the survey reports, it can also be data you need to gather and store about your contacts to use at a later date. Fill in some missing information in your own system, like getting an ‘opt in’ for your customers being happy to receive messages from you. Synapta makes managing data collection simple.
All surveys can be created in any language. If you send the questions as SMS, Synapta will automatically handle all of the message concatenation and transformation into Unicode for you.
Issue survey invitations on a scheduled date and time, or automate them to run at set periods. This could be monthly, weekly or even every few minutes. The survey can go to a dynamic sample of customers so say you want to run an NPS survey to everyone who has made a purchase in the last 24 hours, that’s really easy to manage with Synapta.
Use Synapta’s extensive APIs and automated sample options to allow surveys to automatically run based on information in other systems. You can also return data collected to other back end systems automatically for analysis or storage for later.
Real-time survey reports tell you instantly what your survey participants are saying. The reportal gives you access to a suite of NPS data reporting tools and a place to aggregate and share data within your organisation.
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