Engaging, Rewarding Loyalty Campaigns

Increase the value and longevity of your customer relationship with rewarding and engaging loyalty campaigns.

100% reach, fast, reliable always on option for customers to talk to you when they need to.
In App
Communicating with intelligently targeted push notifications is a great way to engage and re-engage app users
More emails are now read on mobile than desktop. Deliver relevant, targeted email optimised for mobile.
Multiple Engagement Modes

Deliver loyalty experiences using a combination of SMS, Push Notification, native App, cloud App and email to deliver your customers perfect mobile moments to engage with you.

Manage Coupons & Vouchers

POS reward fulfilment is supported via multiple options for single use voucher solutions that drive loyalty as well as delivering coupon redemption and tracking.

Redemption data completes the 360 degree view within the loyalty program, reporting the most important 'last mile' of the customer journey for invaluable ROI visibility.

Quick as a Flash Setup

Synapta’s loyalty tools have already done most of the hard work for you. Incorporate data collection, personalisation, cause and effect for rules to influence data, whether its been collected by the system or is being updated. This makes it incredibly quick to set up and manage a program from scratch.

Connect with customers via a loyalty programme to stay in better contact, reach out and promote, gather feedback and reward. Encourage advocacy and increase individual consumer spend.
Gather Information
Allow customers to provide you with information through a registration form via a single text message so that you can use this to target, segment and personalise information you send them later.
Promotional Codes
Create and manage promotional codes securely reducing fraud. Create single or multiple use codes that control the flow of rewards earning for customers then track redemption to close the loop on reporting.
Easily monitor lapsing customers using automatic reporting to trigger re-engagement through offers and surveys.
Use any of the data you store about customers or learn about them through their loyalty data to target the content and communications they receive for better engagement and uptake.
Live reporting including opt-ins, registrations, reward requests and redemption gives instant insight into campaign uptake and ROI.
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