What You Need, When You Need it...

Whether you want to do something one off with our help, get started running your own engagement solutions or integrate with your systems on site, we have it covered.

In the Cloud
Waltz straight in with your web browser and get started engaging customers right away. Just add imagination ... the mobile world is your oyster.
On Premise
Need something dedicated or even in your own DC? No problem. Your hardware or ours, everything is possible.
Managed Services
Prefer we do the heavy lifting for you? Whatever your campaign needs, our team of mobile miracle workers are at your disposal.
Head in the Clouds?

Feeling SaaSsy? Ready to take on the mobile world bare handed? All you need is a web browser and your imagination and you'll be creating campaigns in minutes with our cloud hosted SaaS solution.

With Synapta its straight forward and simple to create and monitor campaigns and our team is here to help you if ever you need some support.

Your Place or Ours?

If you need something dedicated in your data centre we can provide an installed version of your very own. You still get all the great support from the team when you need it.

On premise solutions are great for customers who need more connectivity to their own back end systems that might not be achievable without being on internal networks.

At Your Service

Maybe you have something you need doing quickly or one off and don’t want the hassle of managing the campaign setup and monitoring yourself?

Why not get your people to talk to our people and we can get this show on the road. Our team will make your vision a reality while you still get a front seat, real-time view of campaign performance.

Resellers & Partners

We work in partnership with select resellers who are also able to supply the Synapta platform with either specific domain expertise that will help you get the most out of the tools, or with a bigger support network.

SAP Mobile Services provide enterprise application delivery and support in 180 countries around the globe, with local offices for 24/7 support.

Good4HEALTH are a health-sector technology specialist, sitting at the forefront of developments in Healthcare, with specific expertise in the use of mobile and wireless technologies.

Integration & API

Synapta offers flexible solutions for integration with your existing systems. Comprehensive API’s will mobilise you in minutes.

Many of our customers use the Synapta API to automate and enhance their customer engagements over mobile in combination with their own back end systems.

Off-Piste, bespoke, custom, boutique...

Call it what you will.

Whatever your individual requirements might be, our seasoned developers can tailor solutions, often utilising the core platform, to do exactly what you want with mobile.

Whether its a bespoke business process you need to mobilise or a brand new idea, talk to us and we can help.

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