Dig Deeper to Make Every Comment Count

The real gold runs through the open comments that customers use to feedback about an experience in their own words. This is where the actionable insight lies if you have the right tools to extract it.

Live insights from customer comments

"I don’t know why I’m telling you this, no-one will read it anyway." We've seen this a few times in customer feedback comments, but now we have the perfect solution.

Automatically analyse customer comments in near real-time and navigate them with our clever insight tools and reports to ensure customers get the attention they deserve and provide you with gleaming nuggets of insight.

You are not a number

If all you look at is the score your customers give you for an NPS question you are not getting the full picture.

Using our comment analysis tools to make sense of your individual experience scores empowers you to move past the number and really understand your customers and what it takes to turn them into them happy advocates.

Beyond Sentiment Analysis

Meet IDA, Synapta’s language analysis tool. It’s not a traffic light system that attempts to categorise customer comments using pattern matching or common words and phrases, its so much more intelligent than that.

IDA presents comment content as quantitative information in heatmaps and charts that make it easy to navigate them so you can read the ones that will help you understand your successes and where you can improve straight away.

IDA throws out boring old black and white categories and presents you customer feedback in glorious Technicolor.

Accurately analyse thousands of comments in near real-time to get the most out of your customer feedback.
Filter & Search
View the coded comments by NPS score, date or any number of attributes stored about your customers.
Find patterns in your data straight away and focus on the categories that need your attention.
Quickly spot problem areas using the code frame heatmap, then drill down to read the associated comments so that you can identify potential problems and fix them.
View data and drill down through it to discover more in real-time. Identify what your customers really think and act on information quickly and effectively.
Ongoing Learning
IDA is able to learn new topics of conversation that are popping up with customers and update without the need to start again from scratch.
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