Multi Channel, Mobile Marketing Tools

Build personal, relevant customer relationships that are more valuable and productive with a suite of tools for targeted one and two way campaigns.

97% of text messages in the UK are read within 5 seconds of receipt.
It is still the most effective way to talk to your customers.
Communicating with intelligently targeted, relevant push notifications is a great way to engage and re-engage app users.
More emails are read on a mobile device than a desktop computer. Deliver relevant, targeted email campaigns optimised for the mobile.
Reach Out

Connect with your customers in a deeply personal and targeted way with timely, segment driven SMS and push notifications for information delivery and calls to action

Make it Personal

With Synapta you get an extensible customer database or you can connect with your own so that you can make your campaigns even more successful with personalisation


Synapta’s powerful 2-way messaging management makes it incredibly easy to create and monitor interactive campaigns to encourage customers to start the conversation with you

Inject some personalisation and relevance into your push messages and notifications using customer data. Anything you store can be part of your message.
Gather Information
Allow customers to provide you with information through a registration form via a single text message so that you can use this to target and personalise the content you send them later.
Full language and character support ensures that messages are automatically encoded the right way to reach their destination without you having to worry about it.
Automation ensures you connect with the appropriate people at the right time for the most relevance and better uptake.
Use any of the data you store about customers to help target what messages they get and when they get them.
See real-time data about the messages that have been delivered in the live campaign element reports.
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