One Great Platform, Endless Opportunities

Synapta gives you all the tools you need in one unified platform.
It's also got a full API you can make use of if you want to integrate with your own systems.

Multi Channel Mobile Marketing Tools

Build personal, relevant customer relationships that are more valuable and productive with a suite of tools for targeted one and two way campaigns.

Engaging, Rewarding Loyalty Campaigns

Increase the value and longevity of your customer relationship with rewarding and engaging loyalty campaigns.

Multi Channel, Research Tools

Be more insightful and connect with customers to instantly find out what they think.. Track your performance with industry metrics like net promoter score and our intelligent analysis.

Dig Deeper to Make Every Comment Count

The real gold runs through the open comments that customers use feedback 'how you are doing' in their own words. This is where the actionable insight lies if you have the right tools to extract it.

Freedom to Chat... Everywhere

Reduce costs and increase productivity by allowing customers to talk with you using mobile live chat for a personal, private and convenient way to connect.

Single Platform
One platform, multiple engagement channels. With Synapta you have everything you need in one place. It's so much more powerful having all of your campaign elements able to interact and influence each other for a seamless customer experience.
Extensible Database
Use Synapta’s internal customer database as a permanent store, or a transient campaign database. its completely flexible and you can easily manage automated data import and export using files or API.
World Class Connectivity
Tier 1 SMS reach using the highest quality routes ensures your messages will reach your customer quickly and reliably.
Robust & Scalable
With a capability to process thousands of messages per second campaigns will reach your audience exactly when you intend them to. No matter how large or small your audience, our intelligent message management will ensure the right priority to give the best customer experience.
Secure & Dependable
Security of your data is of upmost importance, as service availability. We take data and platform security more seriously than most and even provide you with secure document transmission facilities built right into the platform.
Help & Support
We pride ourselves on the customer relationships we have built over the years. We can work as closely with you on your projects as you need and our team are always on hand to support you.
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